Lighthouse history and landmark in Bodø harbour

On 25 September 1875, the lighthouse on Nyholmen islet on the approach to Bodø shone its light for the first time. Bodø lighthouse, as it was known then, was one of many lighthouses built along the coast to make it possible to navigate at night. The first post and passenger boat to sail day and night all year round was the Hurtigruten coastal express (1893). Nyholmen lighthouse was listed in 1999 and is currently a landmark in Bodø harbour.
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Nyholmen 380, Bodø, 8012

Bodø, Nordland

Owned by the National Trust of Norway since 1987.

A lighthouse history landmark in Bodø harbour. The lighthouse is a two-storey building with an attic, and its brick walls are 80 cm thick. The walls are parged on the outside with wood panelling on the inside. The ground floor housed the wash-house, storeroom and a water tank, while the first floor contains two living rooms and a kitchen plus the lantern room. A boathouse and an outhouse also belonged to the lighthouse complex. Its service as a lighthouse came to an end in 1907, when developments in Bodø harbour changed the conditions in the approach to the harbour and other lighthouses took over. The house remained the supervisor’s residence until 1938, when a new house was built west of the lighthouse building. The lighthouse was partly used for accommodation until the 1960s, followed by a period of decay.

Industry threatened Nyholmen islet. In the 1970s, plans to regulate Nyholmen for industrial purposes were proposed, but after strong objections from the National Trust of Norway, among other parties, industrial development was limited and the rest of the area was protected. The lighthouse and supervisor's residence from 1938 were taken over by Bodø Port Authority, which wanted the buildings to be preserved. Bodø captains’ association and the Nordland branch of the National Trust were active participants in the restoration work from 1985 and saved Nyholmen lighthouse as a landmark in lighthouse history.

Things to do in the area. Bodø is a town with a rich cultural scene situated in an area of magnificent scenery that boasts one of the world's strongest tidal currents in Saltstraumen, beautiful Kjerringøy island, summit tours, the Hurtigruten coastal express, Northern Lights tourism, island hopping and unrivalled nature experiences. 

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