A glimpse into Norwegian hospital and military history

The garrison hospital in Stavern is an interesting part of Norwegian hospital and military history and is one of the oldest Norwegian hospitals still in existence. The building was constructed during the period 1786–1787 in the Baroque style that was in fashion at the time, and was a big hospital with a modern layout in its day. Around 1800, the hospital’s catchment area included all of Vestfold county and parts of Telemark, and it treated both military and civilian patients. The hospital is said to have employed at least seven surgeons until it was closed down in 1812.
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Johan Ohlsens gate 8, Stavern , 3290

Owned by the National Trust of Norway since 2015.

The military cultural environment. Most of the military facilities were located inside the ramparts, while the church, barracks, bakery and some other buildings were built outside the fortress using a grid street plan with a central square. The garrison hospital is located outside the ramparts of the naval base Fredriksvern, and forms part of the barracks that surround the square known as Pumpetorget in Stavern. The building has the same shape as the barracks; a rectangular two-storey building with a steep hip roof. It was originally a brick building with a visible timber framework, but today it is panelled. The garrison hospital makes up an integral part of the original military cultural heritage environment in Stavern.

Things to do in the area: The garrison hospital is part of Fredriksvern's cultural heritage environment. Stavern and the surrounding areas have a wide range of activities to offer visitors. Visit Stavern